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Summer Vest 2612
Ref : 1807 A


  • Reflector Tape (ref:30)
  • FLUO Color (ref:1)
  • Personalization (ref:2)
  • Pockets on Back (ref:21)
Summer Vest 2612
The Body is designed in the latest generation "Windtex rain" material, the latter is designed for racing and rainy outings while providing protection against windier weather. With a full zip, and a light fabric it is easy to put on and store. It has reflective bias at the armholes and on the horizontal openings of the back, to increase visibility during your outings. The 2 openings in the lower back on the mesh version (1807) allow easy access to the pockets of your equipment (jersey, long-sleeved jersey, etc.). This bodysuit is also available in a Full back version (1807A) with a "rain wintek" fabric as the front, allowing you to increase your protection against the wind.