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Summer Jacket
Ref : 1808


  • Reflector Tape (ref:30)
  • FLUO Color (ref:1)
  • Extra zipped pocket on Chest (ref:20)
  • Personalization (ref:2)
  • Pockets on Back (ref:21)
  • Extra zipped pocket on Back (ref:3)
  • with STRAIGHT Sleeves (ref:1)
Summer Jacket
This lightweight jacket is designed for everyday use. Its cut will allow you to associate it with more or less hot products, so you can face any type of weather. The Gamex being a windproof and slightly oil-repellent material, the Rain Windtek will give satisfaction in the rain. The fluidity of these 2 materials will allow them to be stored in the back pocket of your jersey. The stretchable side bands will allow the product to adapt to all cyclists. The jacket has a full front zip. Its "Security" function will allow you to block the closure at the desired location. A flap will prevent rain and wind from passing through the closure.